The Cornell Policy Review is pleased to announce the 2017-2018 selections for Editor in Chief, Senior Managing Editor, Senior Content Editor, and Senior Public Relations Editor.

Please join us in congratulating Arpit Chaturvedi, Paulina Lucio, Elizabeth Sweitzer, and Lillie Gabreski on their new roles, which will officially begin in May of this year. As Associate Editors in the 2016-2017 year, they have shown a level of dedication and commitment indicative of their ability to take Cornell Policy Review to the next level. Each of them has contributed insightful, professional commentary through their written work, and have served as stalwart ambassadors for the CPR brand. We welcome their many talents as the Review moves toward continued success.

Editor in Chief: Arpit Chaturvedi is an MPA Fellow concentrating in Government, Politics and Policy Studies. He also holds an MBA in Human Resource Management and is interested in working on socio-political development from a social and institutional reform perspective. He has authored a book as well as several articles on socio-economic patterns, leadership and change.

What led you to want to work with the Cornell Policy Review?

The sense that some of the people who have had a profound influence on me, have at some point of time in their life been involved in the practice of writing, publishing, and editing. Indeed, the publication of sophisticated analysis of the world around us, its problems, policies, and processes is one of the most vital activities that forms the edifice of knowledge on which our society progresses.

How do you hope to improve the capabilities of the organization?

I look forward to expanding the reach of Cornell Policy Review to bring high quality analysis and research to decision makers in the public policy domain. By publishing thought leadership coming from policy practitioners from around the world the Review can facilitate more effective decision-making, social dialogue and positive social change. In the long run, I see the Cornell Policy Review as a “go-to” resource for policymakers and public service professionals.

Senior Managing Editor: Paulina Lucio Maymon is an MPA Fellow and Fulbright Scholar studying Human Rights and Social Justice with research interests focusing on human rights, gender equality, and international development.

What led you to want to work with the Cornell Policy Review?

As a Senior Managing Editor, I would be able to make sure that the Cornell Policy Review is a primary information source on public affairs for students, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers around the world.

How do you hope improve the capabilities of the organization?

I trust that we can build a diverse, inclusive, and interdisciplinary journal given the fact that more than half of CIPA Fellows are international students from all over the world. I am confident that academic literature and dialogue can promote conflict resolution, raise awareness on human rights issues, and integrate a multidisciplinary approach to policy making. As Cornell students, it is our duty to encourage pluralism, tolerance, and broadmindedness as hallmarks of a democratic and inclusive community.

Senior Content Editor: Elizabeth Sweitzer is an MPA Fellow concentrating in International Development focusing on Food Security. She is a Fulbright Alumna to Brazil and has a particular interest in agricultural and rural development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

What led you to want to work with the Cornell Policy Review?

Driven by my desire to promote quality policy analysis and offer creative insights, I envisioned working alongside a team with members who are equally dedicated to supporting that mission. I am excited to collaborate with other to generate provocative ideas on policy articles by leveraging evidence-based insights.

How do you hope to improve the capabilities of the organization?

Hone our mission statement, focus in on thematic content, generate briefs with accessible dialogue, and produce provocative policy insights. CPR is expanding its breadth and access insights from experts in the field. I hope that we continue to spread not just in policy arenas but to grow through active student engagement across Cornell University.

Senior Public Relations Editor: Lillian Gabreski is an MPA Fellow concentrating in International and Community Development focusing on public and private sector impacts. She specializes in international development in sub-Saharan Africa, having spent a portion of the past few years conducting research, teaching, and studying in South Africa.

What led you to want to work with the Cornell Policy Review?

Writing is a personal passion, and I think that the writing process is key to developing innovative ideas and policies. I aim to extend the outreach capacity of the Policy Review through social media, alumni collaborations, and interdepartmental outreach, to name a few methods. By doing so, I am confident we can help motivate others to publish their own work and ideas as well.

How do you hope to improve the capabilities of the organization?

My long-term goal for the Review is to utilize analytics to increase readership and engagement via our online presence. I’m also looking forward to working with a new staff of associate editors and authors from all over the world to investigate current policy issues and best practices.

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