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Introducing our First Class of Associate Managers

The Cornell Policy Review proudly announces its first-ever class of Associate Managers.

Improving Public Service Delivery in Pakistan

CIPA MPA Fellow Mohammad Zohair proposed a public service delivery system for Pakistan using the Vision, Mission, Capacity and Learning Framework created by Cornell University professors Derek and Laura Cabrera.

Rigging Elections: A Spatial Statistics Analysis of Political and Unintentional Gerrymandering

The 2016 election cycle was fraught with claims of election rigging. Though mostly unsubstantiated, there may be some truth to these claims — at least at the congressional level.

cornell policy review

Introducing our New Class of Associate Editors

The Cornell Policy Review is pleased to announce the Fall 2017 selections for Associate Editor positions.

local elections

Political Knowledge and the Paradox of Voting

The nation’s fascination with big, flashy elections at the expense of small, local elections is laden with irony.

Credit: Ajay Verma/Reuters

Policy Gaps in Prevention of Vector-Borne Diseases in India

RGCIS Fellow Wakima Kapur analyzes the policy gaps and solutions to contain the problem of Vector Borne Diseases in India.

The Flint Water Crisis: Using Systems Thinking to Understand Critical Failures

This piece examines how Systems Thinking can be used to understand the critical failures in a complex crisis like the Flint, Michigan water crisis, and the steps that can be taken to remedy such shortfalls.

Problems with Distinctions and Perspectives Impairing the Debate on Common Core

By using Common Core as a timely example, Fiduccia points out that taking perspectives dissimilar to your own presents an opportunity to gain valuable insight.

Choosing a Side: Examining the Abortion Debate

Applying Systems Thinking to the abortion debate could permit discourse without the volatility of political rhetoric and the policy cycle.

  • Beyond Benefits and Body Parts: Obamacare and Black Trans Health

    This article, written by Renee Bracey Sherman, MPA ’15, originally appeared on Starting today, open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will set in motion a trifecta of change.  The ACA adds protections for many, expands coverage for services once considered rare, and ensures the vast majority of the population will receive affordable… Read more »

  • Farm Bill Politics

  • R.I.P. Farm Bill

    Last fall I wrote a piece for The Cornell Policy Review examining the history of the US farm bill and identifying stakeholder conflicts that have rendered administration of the bill impossible. I suggested that the recurring five-year omnibus bills be separated to increase the level of consideration given to the two largest components: direct agriculture… Read more »

  • The Countdown to the United States Federal Government Shutdown

    Throughout most of United States’ history, fierce battles were waged over the direction of fiscal policy and management of the national budget. Many of these contests arose during periods when government was divided politically: most notably, the combinations of Reagan-O’Neill in the 1980s and Clinton-Gingrich in the 1990s. At times, this clash of ideologies over… Read more »

  • American Intervention in Syria: Good or Bad for the World?

    In last night’s primetime speech, President Barack Obama articulated to Americans and the world that the United States plans to shed its passive stance toward the Syrian conflict and launch airstrikes in defense of Syria’s civilians. On that same day, in a not-so-pleasant and desolate Syrian community, a civilian holdout ought to have asked this… Read more »

  • The Review’s Guide to Ithaca

    The Cornell Policy Review is pleased to present our Guide to Ithaca. The Review Board has tirelessly selected their favorite restaurants, bars, and local businesses. If you have any suggestions or need further suggestions, leave us a comment! We will continuously update the map as we discover new things in this curious little town. Click… Read more »

  • Online Launch: Spring 2013 Issue

    It is my pleasure to introduce this issue of The Cornell Policy Review. As an interdisciplinary policy journal, we present a wide range of political and policy-related articles. As editors of The Review, we have the opportunity to read, research, and work with a variety of topics across substantive policy areas. Not only does this… Read more »

  • Implementing Performance Measurement: Reflections on Tompkins County New York

    By: Luis A. Martinez and Henry McCaslin About the Authors:  Luis A. Martinez is a second-year graduate student in the Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University. His professional focus is organizational strategy and design in the public and social sectors. Specifically, Luis is interested in performance measurement indicators, metrics, and evaluation strategies in… Read more »

  • The Effect of Private Detention Policy on Immigrant Political and Social Incorporation

    By: Greg Jette Abstract:  Immigration policy remains a contentious issue at both the federal and state levels,and post 9/11, has overwhelmingly favored detention and deportation strategies. Private detention companies have gained increasing political and economic influence as national rhetoric has characterized many immigrant groups as posing a threat to national security. As a result, private detention… Read more »

  • Foreign Direct Investment’s Influence on Regional Inequality and Innovation in Hungary

    By: Mallory Young Abstract: The Central and Eastern European Countries’ (CEEC) transition from socialist states to open-market democracies has been a long and arduous affair; however, many argue that CEECs are finally developing a solid economic standing. A global powerhouse since the early 2000s, Eastern Europe has seen continued economic growth and a steady influx… Read more »

  • Global Digital Divide: The Role of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) in 21st Century Democracy

    By: Chisheng Li Abstract Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) play a critical role in a citi- zenry’s access to information, opportunities, and ability to participate in democratic practices. Recent worldwide events such as the Arab Spring have underscored ICTs’ and social media’s importance in bringing about social change and engagement. Research shows that ICT infrastructure and… Read more »

  • Advising the Executive Branch: The Role of Federal Advisory Committees and Ways to Evaluate Their Effectiveness

    By: Amanda K. Mullan Abstract The Federal Advisory Committee Act1 (FACA) stipulates that advisory committees must be more accessible to the public. To accomplish this, FACA requires the General Services Administration (GSA) to oversee advisory committees and report certain information to Congress and the public. Despite increased openness and account-ability, the Act falls short in a… Read more »